Marque Snow

Omaha Public Schools Board of Education

The success of public education depends upon the community. The diversity of our community, along with our standards of excellence, have helped Omaha Public Schools become a model for urban education.

-Marque Snow

Prepare Students for College/Trade, Career, and Life

  • Increase rigor, relevance, and high expectations for all students.
  • Increase Reading & Math professional development for Staff.
  • Earlier Intervention levels for ALL students in Elementary and Middle School
  • Expansion of Early Childhood Education

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Community Partnerships

  • Increase Afterschool programming opportunities at ALL Schools in an equitable manner.
  • Develop a OEA/Teacher/Admin Advisory Council for the Board of Education.
  • Increase Mentorships/Adopt A School to ALL Schools.

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Increase Parental Involvement

  • Develop a Community/Family Advisory Council for the Board of Education.
  • Allow Board Members the opportunity to communicate with their constituents on a quarterly basis.

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Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability

  • Continue to audit departments in the district.
  • Evaluate district spending practices on an annual basis to ensure equity amongst ALL schools and programs.

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